Hey yow! I have written this thread cos' I wanna know what do you think about Sean Paul and artists like him... If you have opinion just write
i liked the song shaun paul did with santana, that was good
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you cant beat bob marley, but shaun paul the "new skl" reggae is crap
First off Sean Paul and Bob Marley Aren't even the same category. Marley is Reggae. Sean Paul is SUPPOSED to be Dance hall or Go-Go. But anyway, get Mad Cobra. That is what Sean Paul is trying to do. Sean Paul is fricking horrible, IMO.
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sean paul is the copycat of a great singer called SUPERCAT listen to it
or listen a child of the king damien marley
We Be Burnin' was a hot song. I can't stand anything else by him though.
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Sean Paul sucks dick
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