Yeah same. ive always thought about going back to sheet music but you never know what strings to play the notes on. Nice posting.
In that particular case, I'd prefer to play it 3 notes per string. That's a C major scale starting on an E and ending on a G. First string , play open E, F , G and then go to the fifth string for the A.

Normally throughout my experience playing classical music through sheets,it will be written on the sheet, such as 'V pos...' which means that the notes are played at the same pitch, but at the fifth fret onwards. Something like that.

If its not written, play however u want it as long as the pitch is the same. Where to play it is just a matter of convenience (and tone...well a little). Most of the time in classical music sheets if its not written, its played at the open position.
The very basic common rule I use, is to check through the whole piece. See what note is the very highest note and use that as 'pinky fret note' on the high E string.
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