So I was just doing my essay which is due in about 5 hrs right then suddenly a thought hits me and I just started writing. It doesnt even have a title yet and its not formatted at all, just a bunch of sentences stringed together. I was just wondering if this thought is worth finishing or is it not.

Somehow you still revolve around my head as if it were a planet; and the memory of you is a moon shining so brightly in the midst of the night while the other celestial bodies are lost in its elegance, you seem to belong so comfortably. As dim as the stars are tonight you can evidently see the envy in them, switching their radiance from transcending yellow to neon bright green. As they protest in the sky looking like fireworks during the fourth of july and new year's eve combined, the memory of you; taking its job quite seriously, lets out and illuminating light. Blanketing the night with its perfect radiance, so bright that even the sun itself will fail miserably in comparison.
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We're all different, we have different tastes. People hate people that are different, these people are racist. Racist against the scene. Scensist.....Sceneracist,........ Rascenesist.
This would make a pretty seet talking-song....you know what I mean? Where the person just slowly ambles through the words over some sweet music?

I like the envious stars turning green, and the line about the "memory of you."

Very nice, I would say keep it up. (And good luck with the essay)