Hey guys,

im looking to replace my pups some time soon in both my guitars -
squire strat (not affiity series)
and epiphone les paul standard ( eather goldtop or a gold standard lol ?)

at the mo there both stock pups. i play stuff like metallica seether linkenpark rammstein some slipknot (not much) bullet for my valentine some nickleback (just like there tone) i use my lespaul for stuff like that

my strat i use for cleaner stuff (rockabilly & 50's stuff)

id have a bout £70 to spend on each pup for the lespaul and i havnt set a budget for the strat yet i need some ideas first (cool rails maybe?)

i have also heard from my tutor that bareknukle pups are good but i havnt had any experiance with switching pups b4 so i need a little help

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U like similar bands to me, i like the Kent armstorng ultra distortion p/u, it's cheap and it sounds ****ing mint. Plus they are very easy to fit and cum with wiring diagrams so they are great for first-timers.
www.wdmusic.com That would be great for ur lespaul bridge, maybe u would want to put a KA hot rod vintage for the neck. As for the strat i have no idea since i am not a fender person.
Barenuckle p/u's are good but i don't think u would get much from them for under £70.

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