hey has anyone got any two hand tapping licks that i could play because i need a lick to learn from. thanks.
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just look for eruption by van halen in the tabs section!
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final product by nevermore, i just learned the basics of it, theres a part where loomis plays it unhumanly fast, but i just learned the basic chunk of it
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This is the typical 80s riff. It can be played on any string.


I hope that's easy to read. If not, it is essentially the "Eruption" or "One" lick.

Another cool thing to do is the tapped harmonic. You fret a note, and then tap the metal fret thing 1 octave higher.
You see I would have thought our friend here meant two handed tapping as in the Joe Satriani midnight kinda way!!! Check it out its good and pretty easy!
Steve Vai - Tender Surrender
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