Hello fellow UGers,

I was wondering if i can have your opinion on the pinky finger for finger picking. My pinky finger i think is a bit too small to use while im fingerpicking, but do think its worth it to train my pinky? (I'd like to play flamenco thanks to the doors' spanish caravan which im learning)

flamenco is one of the craziest things on the guitar so it´s in any case worth to train it!!
The only problem is that my pinky has trouble reaching the bottom string and it really pisses me off. if i do train it are there any exercises or tips you recommend?
fiddle around try differnt techniques tell u think u get it
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Yeah man, flamenco is a really hard style, you could still play it without your pinky, but it would make things easier if you train that little guy

Same with your left hand ,like if you are doing a solo that has a really long stetch, you can either do it with your pinky or with your third finger, but the pinky makes life easier

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Grow the nail on the pinky long. I mean REALLY long. That way it will be good for rasgueados in flamenco and you will be able to fingerpick using the nail, reaching the string easily.
I use my pinky when i'm playing with a pick and can't use my ring finger for the high E string. I think it's worth training, in my opinion.
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I'm no expert on that style of playing, but since it's usually really fast, I'm guessing having another picking finger would be an advantage. Classical guitarists typically don't use the pinky on the picking hand (unless it's a big block chord, a very fast riff, or if they're hybrid-pickers).
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