This song I was hoping I can get a lot of feedback cause my las one didn't get very much crits, so please crit....

At My Window

There she stood at my window,
Eager, eager for the chance of love,
But had she noticed me watching her,
Enjoying her presence?

She then moved closer, as I gazed into the white of her eyes,
Hoping, hoping that someday we would be together,

Her lips then touched mine,
As I closed my eyes, and slipped away,
Feeling all my senses awaken,
And fall in love with her,

Her sweet lips then left me in solitude,
Wondering if she would ever return........

Well, that's it! Hope you like it.....
It sounds so disappointing. It's pretty good, I guess. But still disappointing.
Can't say I was never wrong
But some blame rests on you

Work and play they're never okay
To mix the way we do