It's not the same
When everything feels like a game
It's hard to hold onto your hopeless tasks
I'm figureing out what's been sentenced or passed

You struggle on with your bag of dreams
Climbing this mountain, nothing's what is seems

Searching this land we must go
No-one should know
Your words pierce my heart like an axe to wood
You bring my world crashing down and cause my eyes to flood

You lied to me a thousand times
I cant believe you were in my eyes
I've seen it all before
But please...
Let there be no more....

She's gone away from me
This light at the end of the tunnel cannot be
It's like a figure of my imgination
My heartache will spread through this nation

So now it's time to face the truth
To stand up and count on my youth
To bring me back through this storm
And take me back to where i was born

Its a relevation
Profound by one standard nation
Bound together by our imaginations
But we find our selves in the same situation

So bring her back to me
And take this pain away from me
This light i see
Is nothing more than a dream to me
Follow the path, back to your people!
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