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How the hell did you get an orchestra? Im seroiusly loving this!
Actually that "ochestra" is me playing that on my digital piano

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Did you win the contest?
Alas, no

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Did u do all the guiatar work including the electric guitar that I hear?
Yup, thanks =)
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This sounds awesome! never heard much muse before... no vox eh? are there in the original?
Work to live, not live to work.
^ Indeed, there are vocals in the original. Would you by any chance want to record them?

Think beautiful, elegant verses and passionate, soaring choruses.
How the hell didnt you win? First, Unborn didnt win the Radiohead contest, and now this...Masterpiece didnt win the muse contest! What the hell is with this sites judges!?
Its interesting, The lead guitar carrying the vocal line is interesting, but slightly out of tune (I'm kind of a tuning freak).

I really like the idea of this. I thought you did a good job of putting this together. The original recorded version of this didn't really explore that far into what it could have. This kind of gives a veiw of what you could do with it. Its good.
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^ When you say "original version", are you referring to one of mine? Cause this is the only mp3 of my Bliss cover that I've posted online

Or do you mean the original version by Muse?
Doesn't sound like Muse at all. Still good cover.
I'd love to hear vocals to that though i doubt that anyone here is able to put them down Muse style.
^ Yeah, if anyone would be willing to record vocals over this, I'd be infinitely grateful.

I've got a version that doesn't have that lead electric guitar part in it, just tell me if you want it