Okay so last year I bought a Washburn WR-154, it's a great guitar but my fingers are way too big for it so it's in near-mint condition. I also have an Ibanez GA-7 spanish guitar, it's also too small for me.
It's not that I can't play due to lack of skill, I've been playing for six years and finished the Yamaha classical guitar courses at the Yamaha school, I just can't maneuver my fingers anymore because they're simply too big.
Are there any guitars built for bratwurst fingers?
Les Paul, Some SGs, Some Vs, Some Firebirds, some Explorers... I think you see where I'm going with this. Generally, if you want a fat neck, get a Gibson (from all the random playing I do, their necks are the fattest). Others to look at, Fender, Schecter (these things are rumored to have fat necks, but I personally find them slim, but that's probably from playing a Gibson as my main guitar lol).
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