ok so ive been writing songs for a good bit now, but ive never really showed anybody. So i figure hell....yall can tell me if its worth sharing to anybody. crit for crit yall.


close the doors,
locked forever,
open your eyes,
stop your heart,
pray for a feeling,
beg for sensation,
gone with emotion,
left without hope,
your loss,
shame in a blind mans eyes,
unity divided,
gone within an instant,
sanity is ow foreign to you,
cry in the light,
smile in the dark.


face full of deception,
all these memories,
yet no recollection,
braided conversation,
so many words,
yet no interpretation,
hands held out,
left, forgotten,
the mirror's full of doubt,
self image is rotten,
what have i become,
what have you made me into,
all i want is to forget you.
Now you're doing the waltz with your murderer.

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