what are the best guitars and girl pics that are 'school appropriate' cause i wanna put up a good pic as my background but can't find one that looks good when it's all stretched out as the background. thanx for understanding.
Do you mean girls with guitars?

Or guitars AND girls?

If I was gonna use a guitar and it is for the non guitar player I'd stick something easily recognisable in there eg. Strat.

As for girls well....
have you tried The Pit?
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wow, so not an EG question.

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Jenny needs to sow her wild oats with random Gibsons and Taylors she picks up in bars before she settles down with a PRS.

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EG? and yeah i mean girls with guitars...it's just that people have a bunch of rappers up on there's and all the girls have a bunch of 'hot guys' up on there's so i thought i'd combine a couple of my things and put them up there. yeah i tried google but with no success.
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*Insert Link to Silly Picture*
I hate you.

No one click that.

Edit: Here is some good stuff.

Here's more stuff.
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you should see the chick with PRS guitar someone posted in The Pit... very hot... just use the search button ok?
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go here :http://www.sexydesktop.co.uk/ and search for avril lavigne, there's a pic with of her with a flying V.
I guess I just assumed that he wanted a picture of a hot girl.

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Man, I gotta tell you that you have a VERY bad taste...
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Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?
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