Can somebody give me more information on ths guitar.
How good you think they are
Anything that could be handy to know.

And are they worth 400 -500? 'Don't know what that is in dollars but shouldn't be to different' should be between 500 and 600 dollar.
Would it be worth more with the original pick ups, i guess so but just checking.

Thanks already.
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yes, it'd be worth it.

Really, i have no idea.
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go to www.ibanezregister.com, you'll probably get more answers there.
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The famous lawsuit stemmed from the fact that Gibson considered the copy instruments to be better than the originals, and Ibanez was on top of the other copies.

They were made in Japan back when dollar-yen exchange rate allowed the Japanese manufacturers to build inexpensive instruments with the greatest level quality. As a result, they are very good (solid, playable, lasting), and in a good condition are easily worth 500 euros (if only for the "vintage value").

Keep in mind that unlike the Les Pauls, most (if not all) Ibanez LP copies had a bolt-on neck with about the same upper fret access as a Gibson set-in.

I'm certain it would be worth more with the original pickups - I see those pups sell for quite a coin on ebay on their own.
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ibanez lawsuits are very high quality if built in the early 70' s up to 76 anything from 71-76 are very high quality and are not THAT expensive on ebay but if you are considering buying make sure you get as much information on it as possible and if it has been altered modified etc it just takes the value down you want to be getting the original pickups with it