Hey, I was wondering if anyone at UG could tell me if you let other sites access your database. While I would assume the answer is no, I have found my chordsheet for Warren Haynes' "forevermore" on az-chords.com without my consent. Im wondering what I can do about it other than send a nasty email?

thanks a bunch guys.

I'll bet that az-chords version isn't recognized as "yours". I'm sure some dope copy/pasted it and submitted it under his own name. Some asses like to do that sometimes. Go and check the az-chords one, and see if it has any of your information at the top or bottom or wherever. If it still has all of your info on it... then I don't know what to tell you...
the tab in question has no reference to me at all.

what clued me off was it had my note about emulating the tremelo effect on haynes songs. then i went back and looked at it and freaked.
^Yep, some asshole just copy/pasted it and submitted as his own. It sucks, but I don't know what can be done about it. If you or I find him, though, believe you me, he shall be brutally slaughtered. I hate people that do that.
You can't copyright a tab. If you could, then we wouldn't be fighting the MPA for closing tab sites, because they would win right off the bat.
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