im listening to it, the intro sounds ok, kinda reminds me of green day a bit. But I am a man of effects and I love those effects, it all sounds kinda eerie, I am diggin' it so far, O hot damn I love the way the solo comes in, I love your tone, reminds me of some clapton like stuff, I love it man, this is awesome. I wish the solo would have kept going a bit longer, instead of stopping then playing what the back ground is playing, Again, I like the feedbacky thing too. I just wish that solo could have kept on going, Oh well there it is again, I love that tone man, its kinda boring but not when the solos come in, those are sweet solos man. Your tone on those solos are kick ass man. God damn man, that is some brilliant stuff, love that wah sounding thing or whatever it is, gives it a cool atmosphere, well all in all, this thing was hot man, keep it up, you got some talent on you man. Keep at it.

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Sounded boring at the beginning, but as the song progressed it kind of gave the "Nash Bridges" vibe.
yeah, its boring at the beginning without the vocals, which i need to record, but dont have a decent mic.
if everything had a point you'd have to be really careful of pointy things