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Not really, but it is quite boring.

And for that reason, I've written this song. Make sure you listen to the whole thing, cause the solo doesn't come until the second half


I'd post the lyrics - cause I mumble a lot and am often incomprehensible - but I want to see people's reactions to it solely from just listening to it and not also reading along with the lyrics.

I'm mainly concerned with what you think about the solo

Crit for crit.
i'll have a listen to this when i get back home.. don't have sound here. post my comments asap.. looking forward to it - been UG'less for a while now .

Has like a hawiian vibe to it, well the verses so far have a hawiian vibe to it, then like it changes, pretty mellow, pretty boring hahahahaha, but seriously it is pretty boring whether you did that on purpose or not i think its great, it fits the songs meaning. Some of the strumming seems hesitant. As for the solo, I am loving the effect you have going on there, that thing in the back is cool, and the solo sounds pretty sweet, man. Very relaxing, non-boring, the solo definately adds some spark to the song. Nice short sweet song, nothing to wrong with it, the vocals fit perfectly with the song, the solo was nice, everything worked out. nice job. If you wanna crit.

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Quote by societies_worm
pretty boring hahahahaha, but seriously it is pretty boring whether you did that on purpose or not i think its great
Wait...it's boring in a good way?
Hey there dude, thanks for the crit on my stuff. Just returning the favour.

I really like what you've done here hombre. The chord progression is pretty original, and i love the spoken work kinda thing you have going on. Not really much else like that out there.....closest thing i can think of is possibly some foo fighters, or snow patrol stuff.....

You clearly have no trouble writting lyrics....its a skill man, and you can be proud of that.

The solo as cool too......liked the mandolin style picking there.

Keep up the good work bro
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