Whole Worlds convinced
the end is so near
As the media grips us
with mind numbing fear

You'll calmly sit
Watching your TV
And blindly swallow
What you see

The governments lying
as if some dont know
we sit by idle
while they take control
of the personal freedoms
that we hold so dear

Their failed ****ing teachings
This Practiceless Preaching
Everyone's looking to gain
From others misfortune
such mental distortion
With whom do you place the blame ?

Passing their Judment
On crimes of the soul
All We have left is this
big empty hole
Left in our dreams
By the promise of freedom
Now who do you think is
Commiting this treason

The people you know
The people you Trust
Fueled by their greed
For power they lust
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thats really one hellova song! Really well written and i love the attitude it rocks!
Quote by DaddyTwoFoot
If your vegetarian girl harasses you about eating meat, snap back with, "Eating more entirely defenseless plants that provide us with oxygen?"

That'll shut that bitch up faster than two black eyes.

Arent you the rebel

Well, I like it, it's one of those shut-the-****-up kinda songs to the world. Nice! And I agree with all those things you said. Well done, old chap

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