Ok a few things, I got my bass two days ago. I do know some basics have practiced pretty hard but there are some things that confuse me that I am not sure exactly what to do. My cousin accualy got me into playing but he plays guitar, and only knows so much about bass.

So my first question is with dampening, I know how to dampen for the most part but do I have to do it after every note? Like say I play e, than I play a. Do I need to dampen e or does it depend on the tab? Currently the tab I have been trying to learn is http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/t/three_days_grace/get_out_alive_btab.htm I can accualy play the chorus and the first verse of this. So do I need to dampen after each note on this? or is that noted diffrently on the tabs?

My next question is playing with fingers. I currently play with my fingers and I rest my thumb on pickup. I read that I should be resting it on the string about the one im playing? is this true, do i need to start practicing it that way? I also heard you could play bass with a pick is that perhaps a better way to go?

The last thing I wanted to know is if anyone knew any simpler jazz or funk songs that would be good to play? Alot of the rock songs that I like its harder to hear the bass in to figure out if im doing it correctly.

THanks alot for the help.
About the resting your thumb on the pickups, that doesn't really matter. I tend to rest it on the Low E string and just pick it up when I need to use the low E. Or I put my wrist on the top and let my hand hang there and hit the strings.

hmm, I started with learning songs like Iron Man, The Intro to Dance Dance but, James Brown has some basslines that are fun to play for funkier stuff. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes is pretty fun too.
Most of the time, you do not want another note to ring out when you play a new note (unless that's what you're aiming for). Generally, if I hit the open E and then the open A my finger goes back and stop the E from ringing over the A.

On you're tab note that the E string has been downtuned to D, so it would be DADG instead of EADG. When you see the ~ sign beside a note, it generally mean to let it 'ring out' longer than other notes.

Concerning where you rest your thumb, I rest my thumb on the top of the pick-up as well. I tried resting it on the end of the fretboard and the E string, but I never found it comfortable. You can play with a pick if you want to, but it is not nessecary. Playing with a pick gives a different sound (which you may desire for some songs) while playing with fingers give an entirley different tone. Hitting strings in various places closer to the fretboard also affects the tone they produce, so you can fiddle around with that to find the sound you like.

You should probably learn how to play with a pick as well as your fingers. I personally use my fingers more often (because I can play more accuratley with my fingers).

One last bit is that if you want to learn how to play bass well, the most important thing you can work on is staying in time. Work witha metronome if you can and practice basic scales and such (getting faster when you can play them properly in time). Also, it's important to learn the names of the notes each fret produces as well. There are many lessons on these aspects which should be quite easy to find around here on UG. Good luck bassing.
Bass should be easy. Take a few leasons until you can read tabs and you won't need help anymore. Use a pick if you are new to bass. When you get good, you can use your fingers!
You dont need to be good to use your fingers. I started off using my fingers. After a few blisters (and a bit of hardcore pain) I see no need to use a pick.

Music theroy is a handy (but not 100% nessesary) thing to know.

As said before "the most important thing you can work on is staying in time"

Remember. Picks are for girls ;-)

Kidding XD