mmk, so my amp is broken and the ppl i took it to to fix it said it won't be done for another 2 wks....and I can't stand playing my NEW electric taht i bought on friday accousticly. So I was wondering if, using one of those mini to big jack thingies (like the thing to go from normal headphones on like an ipod to the size that goes into ur guitar) to plug my computer speakers into my GNX3? would this work? would this completely **** over my speakers/GNX3?

suggestions plz I gotta buy the thing or i would try it now..price of gas these days don't wanna drive ALL THE WAY TO THE CITY (20 min drive *cough*) to get this thing and find out it doesn't work

plz suggestions

ok, first off type properly

secondly, no.
speakers do not convert the electronic signal from a guitar, an amplifier does.

you need an amp, regardless
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Yes, it can work. The GNX3 will basically act as your preamp, and as long as the computer speakers are powered, then it will amplify your signal coming out of the GNX. Just don't expect it to sound very decent unless you're spending big bucks on some mid level studio monitors. You will have to adjust some of your tones and you will need to level match the output of the GNX and the level knob on the speakers to keep the speakers from distorting.

By the way, I hope you're not planning on trying to play a show or even practice with a live drummer with this setup. Good luck.
^ its cuz my amp is in the shop and i just am getting bored with playing my electric accousticly I might even just get some headphones for when my parents are home and jsut skip the speakers all together.
Yeah, my amp blew up too just after I finished my pedalboard. After about a week, I got bored and decided to jack my GT-8 into my surround sound system...

At least it got it out of my system for a bit
oh yeah thatd work (headphone thing). Why didn't you do that in the first place? O_o
And one more thing:

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^ i ithought it was accoustically but it just doesn't look right...and *looks beside himself* lookie theres a dictonary.