before u all go mad about me askin bout pinch harmonics, its not that i cant do them, its just im having trouble, when i go to practice them on like the higher strings liek G B i find i can do them fairly easily by just moving my thumb down on the pick and kinda (hard to explain) flattening my thumb over the string so that when i pick the string it hits my thumb as my hand moves along, but
1. its very hit and miss, and is there any way i could do it better? ive tried piles of different ways:S
2. why am i unable to get any harmonics from the lower strings liek e a d , or on lower frets like 1 - 4 say?
3. and finally when i'm playing normally i hold my pick at the top and when i need to do a picnh harmonic i have to move my thumb down the pick which is slow and awkward, i try to do as ppl say and move my thumb so its hanging out at the side but i cant seem to get it right,
any help please, cos im playing some children of bodom and trivium and they use them alot so think its necessary i can get them
thanks :S
well, I kind like this technique so can give u a piece of advice, when doing p.h. try to touch the string with your thumb slightly and at the same time you play it, also to get better harmonics try picking closer to fretboard or vice-verse, because for some frets you have to pick string at different places which helps to improve the quality of harmonics
yeah i have found the place where i can get the harmonics but i only get them sometimes and i can only do them on the strings i stated above, and i move from playing normally to doing them really slow, anyone any tips on a better method which allows to implement them faster? or is there any flaws in the way i do them?, im playin a ****ty encore strat and bb blaster could that make them harder?
What people dont understand a lot of the time is that it all depends on the area of the string you pick on and its relevance to the note you are fretting, just like regular harmonics so experiment with moving your right hand around the string slightly!
yeah man, i know bout finding the spots for harmonics on different skins and frets, im hardly going to post a thrad without trying everythin i know to get these, but im just having trouble doin them.