Yeah, I was just messing around and came up with this cool, mysterious and dark sounding solo in E phrygian

but the problem is that I can't make up anything to fit with it! I've tried numerous riffs, but they just don't work
any chord progressions or anything to help really?

thx in advance
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well, you can always try to write this solo somewhere and use it later, but as well you can use
such rhytm chords as 000775 (1st number is 1st string, each number means fret) or 000553 and come up with a cool rhytm that will suit ur solo
Or, you could make a really evil song and have it so it doesn't fit very well. This can be used if trying to ,make a really evil death metal solo for example.
Goof off with Dm7th, Em, Dm, Am7th and you should find something that sounds decent.
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Try using the i-VI-vii-V pattern. I dont know your solo so i'll just tell you to capo the second fret and play a Dm, Bbmaj7, C, A7(type2) and see how that goes for you.
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Try chugging along on the open E string, and then when you come to a note in a solo that you really want to emphasise, play the power chord of that note. I'm too lazy/busy to give an example, but try it and it might just work. Then once you have those basic chords in place, add a few passing notes to the riff to spice it up a little. The riff could just contain the notes from E Pentatonic scale, though this is a little boring and doesnt really emphasise the Phrygian tonality of the solo. The key notes of the phrygian scale are the minor 2nd and minor 6th, so try adding these to the riff to spice it up
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