Ok, I remember a bass rating thread that was once around, and I can't find it. So I figured tis long gone, so I'd start a new one for everyone wanting to know about different basses, and amps, and any other EQ.

It'd be easiest to write the manufactuer, the level of bass, the price, and a rating. And then a small paragraph on the pros/cons of the instrument.

I'll start it off.

Yamaha RBX170

Mine's in red.

Company: Yamaha
Level: Beginner
Cost: About $200 Canadian ( I think this is off, just an estimate from when I remember buying it)
Rating: 7/10

For a beginners bass, and especially for Yamaha, this is an excellent starting instrument. Though possessing some occasionally buzzy frets, the instrument serves well, and for some reason I NEVER have to tune it.

I love my yamaha, I'd advise this as a first bass rather than larger companies' cheaper copies of their basses.

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Yamaha RBX170
Ibanez GSR200 - Gem Blue

Got this at christmas along with a 30 watt Carlsbro amp.
£200 the guitar itself was, not sure on the amp.

See pic (large size!)

Company: Ibanez
Level: Beginner
Cost: £200 (£180 Online Deals)
Rating: 8/10

I personally think its a GREAT P-Bass to start with, frets are at the perfect height, so hardly any buzzing occurs. It's LIGHT, lighter than the Yam's i tried in the stores i went to .
Umm, so yeah. Superb bass, comes in black, red and blue (blues the best )
Along with the Yamaha RBX170, I'd say this is also a great bass to start out with
I'd neglected it for well over half a year now, but suddenly I just wanted to play it, and havn't put it down all week

So far I havn't bought any pedals etc. Hoping to in the future though...