Okay, I have a strat copy with just a humbucker in it (I did a lot of modding to a S/S/S strat copy). I made the mistake of using my soldering iron to cut the hole for the humbucker.(mistake) No big deal becuse the whole pickguard is covered in stickers and stuff to cover the holes. I found a large white piece of plastic and I want to make a pickguard for it. How should I do it?
Dremel. don't make the mistake I did, I cut it up with a hand saw, and then sanded it with a dremel.
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Use your old one to trace a template. Use a a bandsaw, or a jig saw to cut it out. Sand the sides to remove burrs and smooth it out. Use a drill to put some holes for you pup routes, then use a jig saw to cut it out. Or if you don't have tools, use a big utility knife. Don't try to cut it out in one pass, score it, then some more, till you get threw it.

^a dremel works great too.
one prob with the dremel, the plastic tends to melt on the bit, and one of my disc bits has broke and passed 3 n"n from my ear, that was scary!!! so don't push the bit too far, let it cool for a while between cuts. and wear a pair of safety glasses. and sand the leftovers from the melting BY HAND.
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you can treat plastic exactly as wood when you're working with it, when making things such as clocks (and no not just a plain circular face, the designs were things like pokemon (it was fasionable then) and other similar designs) and keyfobs from 3mm sheat plastics, wood working files and small hand saws (junior hacksaw for example) are fine, but file using a fairly fine file, you can buff the edges with a dremel i guess (i used an industrial sized machine here, but the principle is the same, this slightly melts the edges, just enough to smooth them over) just dont do any shaping like this.
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or, if you don't own a dremel, a good straight metal ruler, a steady hand and a stanley knife and a bit of patience will do the same
I guess I'm stuck with what I have; utility knife, sandpaper, a drill, and some serrated steak knifes or a hack saw if I need it. Thanks for the input. If your wondering why I dont just dump the money on a new pickguard, I'm saving up for a Fender strat. (400 something bucks may be cheap to some of you but Its gonna be a lot for me) I'm getting a strat with a H/S/S design and a black headstock. Black knobs and a metal pick guard. Then once I save up for that I want to get a diomond plate pickguard (well the one on there might grow on me), metal knobs, put a kill switch, wire a master tone (move one wire basically). Probibly replace the humbucker.
I use a nice metal bit to cut with on my dremel.....it was like $15, my dad used it to cut fiberglass on a boat he was working on. Works fine for cutting out and beveling the edges.
Ya, but my stepdad is overseas and his dremel is at his dads house in a locked toolbox.
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Ya, but my stepdad is overseas and his dremel is at his dads house in a locked toolbox.

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Use a utility knife. Trace the shape, then lightly score OUTSIDE OF THE DRAWING. Around 2-3mm outside should be good for a margin of error. After you get it out, shape it with sandpaper. For the pup routes, cut inside the lines and sand.
Umm... I cant get one with the holes I want for under 50. I want a humbucker with just a volume and tone. All the ones online have just a place for a volume and its too close to the humbucker. I like it farther down. Plus if you read previous post you would see that I'm not spending any money I dont have to right now becuse I'm saving up for a new guitar. Every little bit helps.