Im trying to find a guitar right for me and this is in another thread i made a while back so i wont go into detail, but anyway im going for an Ibanez RG321 in weathered black BUT this is my question can you change the colour to another colour from a similar guitar in the series, like a custom made guitar more or less, i would like my RG321 to be in vital silver like one of the prestige RG's.... so mainly for people in the UK (more scotland area) can you help by telling me if its possible to get a custom built guitar from the scotland or england area where i just need the colours changed. please
it'd be easier and cheaper to paint it yourself, really. and there's plenty of sites that tell you how to do that well.
you can paint a guitar by yourself ? wont it be **** quality and stuff tho ? and u got any links for me ?
It won't if you put your mind to it.

Get some good tutorials (Not from me though), follow them like a religion and you're on your way.
ermm ok, well can someone give me a link to a website so i can see what i need and all that, please
reranch.com , projectguitar.com

various threads in the gear building and customising forum

EDIT in GB&C, keep an eye open for algeeater, he's a pro guitar builder, so ask him for advice
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can anyone recomend the proper paints to use for doing the paint job and what bout using stencils...??? something simple that anyone can do without ripping the guitar apart...!!
i believe you can use car paint, and use a wood primer. and yeh you might wanna take apart the guitar when you re-finish it.