hey dudes and brides well im having trouble with getin a good heavy sound on my guitar, i normaly play minor chords but they just dnt sound right in a heavy riff. Could you show me some good chords for this sorta music(metal). Please dont say"power chords!'' i want some real chords.

Thanks dudes
two things:

double stops: play a power chord like 022

remove the root giving you -22 - play these two strings. the higher note is the root.

double stopped powerchords (my name): play a power chord like 022

remove the 5th, on the middle string. a very metal chord. - 002
i think he just said "not powerchords"

well, try "chugging" (downpicking or just alternate picking the open 6th string) in between little fills...you can play melodic figures over a moving chugged bassline - children of bodom does this a lot

also, try chords using the tritone (diminished 5th, augmented 4th) like diminished chords...also try extended chords like the maj7, dom7, add 13, the possibilities are endless...with the right amount of creativity, you can make an abundance of things sound metal
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The second post seemed more useful but i dont know much of them things but ill learn them soon now the first ill use for the time being and experiment with them.

Cheers dudes