Yesterday, I got a new VOX AD50VT from www.imuso.co.uk, and I was playing it just now and suddenly there was a huge popping noise. Now, whenever it's on it just hums really loud! Help me please!
haha harsh... sounds ****ed to me.... i have a new VOX AD50VT too but i got mine from a shop and tried it before i buy.... best thing to do
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so contact whoever you bought it from
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i think it's the tube in your amp it i got it right there is one tube in the amp and probably that one is broken. will const you about 50 $ at max i believe. it probably got so far because you started playing at quite a volume immediately when it was turend on (very destructive for tubes) but it cousd also be a dosin of other reasons and defects but i'd say get a guitar(amp)tech on it in your guitarshop.

good luck with it.
you have a warrenty correct there you go simple
VOX AD50 VT+crappy "Fender" from COSTCO!=ok tone!
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It's new, so it's under warranty. At most, it's nothing but an inconvenience for the moment.
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its the tube, you need to change it
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Butif you were doing something stupid like shaking the amp around, amp smashing, suddenly switching on with full volume with full gain, then off, then on again repeated, and strumming like hell, then well..