Ok, so I posted this here before, but meh it was bland, So now I added Drums and another Guitar, and I did the Vocals again, now this one I am showing my band, I liked the way it turned out except the vocals, but thats because I'm not a singer. Let me know what you think, I would really appreciate it, and I will crit back just leave me some links. thanks in advanced.

heres the link.

anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Not bad dude, I loved the intro. the main groove is really good man. Not bad, dunno if I liked the reverb on the vocals though. Nice job.
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It's alright, the vocals need some work I think. It seems like when you were recording whoever was singing wasn't in to it. I didn't really like the reverb on the vocals at the beginning, because I couldn't hear what he was saying.
I couldn't really make out what the vocals were saying at the beginning, but once it picked up, you remind me alot of Anthony Keids

Very funky RHCP vibe, pretty sweet. At first I was expecting a Purple Haze wannabe =D

Nice drumming and guitarwork, they complement each other perfectly.
i like the main riff, but the vocals could use a bit of work. i wasnt a fan of the reverb on the vocals at the start. but everything else was cool, i liked the solo. i liked it overall.
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