$400 plus shipping.

Gig bag and certificate of authenticity come with.

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It sure is nice. I would buy it, but I dont have that kinda cash on me.
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That's quite kind of you. I should say I don't do trades, but I'm willing to work with the price for anyone interested.
10 dollars!?!
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Reasonable is actually the type of offer I was shooting for. I'm willing to take $500
ha such a lame bump

i wont tell anyone though

im secretly helping u
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please dont link to your ebay activities. If you want to sell it, and it's on ebay, sell it and then take it off when it sells.

Dont make your post an ebay link.

Change it yourself or its closed. Please and thank you my man
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$500.00 is a good deal, I wish I had the extra cash. I'd buy it for that. I paid $599.00 for mine from Musicians Friend. They are nice guitars.
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A yankees fan with a Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar..........
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It isn't an enigma. Technically, I'm a Yankees fan selling a Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar. Unsuccessfully, I might add. Last transaction fell through.

$375 plus shipping.