I'm having a bit of trouble with which notes in a chord triad are which chord tones(like D chord, C chord, etc.). Is there a site with diagrams of chords and their respective chord tones?
Here's something to keep you busy...

Assuming you know the names of the strings (which I pray to GOD you do ), figure out all the notes on each string you are playing within the chord. Write them down. For a standard triads(standard open or barred major and minor chords) you should count only 3 different notes. They will repeat themselves.

Then, go and look at how to construct the major scale. Then,. build the major scale of the root of the chord in question. Look at the other tones in the chord, and their position in the major scale you just made.

Example... Cmajor. You'll have the notes C, E, and G.

Now... make Cmajor (look it up somwhere on how). C D E F G A B... C=1, E=3, G=5. There are your chord tones.
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