Life With the Carnies

Who thought it was a tale of livin? in the best I ever can
I don?t seem to fit around here so I think I?ll take a walk outside to
Feel my poverty, living inside of me
Create my escapee, to ride on the wild side

I know that I feel, ride the carousel in dreams far away
We go so far, where?d we be in the next generation

You call me, I?m a carnie, I give a key to no where you?ve ever been
You catch, I?m crying, you?ll teach me either way I live again

I?m living with these people that I don?t know
One short, one fat, one with three eyes, and the others spat out
?What you looking at??, that?s what one said
?What you doin? with that??, with a hammer in hand

Guitar solo

We are what you see, don?t turn or deceive, run away you please
What has become of me?