I'm looking to possibly build a tube power amp, but I don't know anything about amplifiers except for the basic up-keep (tube replacement, bias, swapping a reverb tank, etc). I know the ax84 site has a lot of information with schematics and such, but I was wondering what exactly would go into building a power amp only. Could I use one of the ax84 schems and just build the power section only? Where's the breaking point between the pre and power amp sections?

I'm thinking something along the lines of a stereo 50/50 amp that uses EL84s...how difficult would it be to build something along these lines?

By the way, I've got some tube amp books on the way, so I can wait until those get here. Just hoping maybe Pink and some of the other amp techies can give me a pointer or two.

Thanks in advance
you should just lookup a marshal or orange amp schematic and cut the circuit after the pre amp and only use the power section of it.

edit: pm greenbox, he's pretty knolageable in the area of tube amplification.
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