Poll: Who's better? Muse Or Placebo
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1 25%
3 75%
Voters: 4.
Well its opinion...But for me, Muse are unquestionably almost unimaginably better. Placebo have about 3 good songs on each album, and after that Brian Molko forgets how to write decent songs, and makes his voice more annoying. Muse, in my opinion, do not have a bad song.
Muse easily!
muse = best live act in the world at the moment
every muse song is decent
it's hard to decide for me because i luv placebo, but muse's new album has made me go crazy about them.

i think there the best bands around at the moment coz there always trying different things instead of doing the same old song which lots of bands are doing, eg. razorlight

ps. razorlight's song in the morning makes me feel sick its so bad