I was looking at my uncle's old vinyl and he has a bunch of their stuff. He loves them but I couldn't find any on cd...
Lust For Glory
Last Night Another Soldier
42nd Street
Police Oppression

are all fine Angelic Upstarts songs.
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You forgot ugly, lazy and disrespectful.
One of the best bands around, but not for much longer. Mensi 'retiring' this year.

Liddle Towers is best song, I think.
Can you say, just short of being Gods? Awesome band.

^very true
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I have their album the emi years, ut to be honest i haven't listened to it loads yet.

I do have the song 42nd st on a compilation, it's very good.
I hate the real 42nd Street. Damn tourists. Time Square sucks.
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Oi don't really say much. They were around a years before Oi, and their songs are laced with a lot of left wing politics. I never been keen on these labels, but if you must, UK '77 be closer.
I love this band. Never 'Ad Nothing, 42nd Street and 2 Million Voices are some of my favorite songs.
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42nd Street. I never heard this so I thought I'd DL it, since you like it so much.


Must be their attempt at trying to sound commercial or something. Bloody awful. I thought I was gonna throw up. I had to play I'm An Upstart to recover.

I'm ok now.