heya,i got an electric guitar recently as a present,and i have a question about it ; please leme know if it sounds stupid : / (dear god dont let me get flamed( )

Well,ive been playing a classic guitar for a bit over a year now,so i dont have any experience whats so ever with an electric guitar,so anyway,it sounds just like my classic one,just amplified,i dont see the different,im going for the "rock/metal sound",so does it need to be tuned in a specific way or its something to do with the amplifier? Thx
Doesnt matter the way you tune it, just there's song's out there which are tuned in a different way, Drop-D, D-Standard, Drop-C, C-Standard...etc. There's also the settings on the amp that need to be changed to your liking, also you might have the clean channel on, you have to swithc it to overdrive or w/e you have...hope that helps.
Yes, you need what we in the know like to call "Distortion". Now, this can be done in many ways, with the least labor intensive being if you have an "over drive" or "distortion" setting or button on your amplifier. It may be an inocuous button, or a whole other dial on your amp, usually labeled "Drive". Simply turn that up to the wanted level of distortion. If you can't locate such an effect, turn your amp as far up as you can stand, as well as your guitar. This degrades the signal, giving you "distortion". Be wary, as this can also blow a speaker in your amp if done to loud.
well i found the distoration dial,its under drive, 2 dials one labeled crunch and one labeled master,i cranked them up to the highest,the sound changed but kinda still like it was,and so it doesnt have anything to do with the tuning? and if it does since i have little experience should i let someone who knows what hes doing to adjust it,or if its ok i "experiment" with it?
what kind of amp do you have first of all? second, tunr up the gain and the mids and add a bit of bass...that's how I have mine configured.
Turn the Crunch and the master all the way up, turn up the mids, bass and gain (tweak em as much as you like) and turn up the reverb a bit...that should give you something good.