I originally recorded this a while ago, but I've just recently edited and abridged it to make it more "listener-friendly". It still takes quite a bit of patience, seeing as it's no quick-pleasure power-chord pop-punk song or immediately-rewarding headbang-friendly drop D numetal rocker.



Crit for crit.
hey, sounds really cool.
wot did u use to record it?
Did you actually play all the instruments?
"Be Excellent To Each Other"
^ I played it straight through on my digital piano. It was an improv.
the instruments sound good, but overall sounds a little bare, you only have 1 or 2 instruments multitracked
is a nice track with some calm moments and some tense parts

belongs in a movie scene as it sounds like there is something going on!
^ Ah, maybe I oughta use it as an intro so another song in a music video
^ Hm, do you think I could maybe just layer one more instrument on top, instead of re-recording it all?

It was improvised so I'm probably never going to be able to record anything like it ever again