ok well im looking for a new five string but i cant decide which 1 to choose.


which 1 do u guys think i should get?
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For good 5 strings...I'd look elsewhere from Ibanez...

ESP and Schecter specificly.

Best 5 strings I've ever played. (Specificly the F-255 and Stilleto Elite 5)
im going with the fender jazz 5 string (shoot me if your a metal dude) but i would say go with the first one, that was the one i was thinking about a while ago.
the GSR205 seems the most apealing to th eye to me and the SR405 aswell if your goin for cheap the get the GSR but im sure the SR is better i ahvent tryed them out but i know ibanez makes a good bass

(btw^^ why would i shoot you if im a metal head? that sounds like a great idea and i am a metal head)