Hi all,

I was thinking of learning bass, with a view of joining a metal band at some point. Can anyone offer me any tips about any aspect of buying, learning and getting by on bass?

I'd really appreciate it!

kl good choice !

Geta starter bass for no more than about £200 then advance to better a bass,
+ dont worry if ur fingers cant stretch to the frets they will gradullally stretch them selves.

try playing with ur fingers dont use a pick yet! at first ur fingers will get very blistered and sore but it passes(dont give up ), then u get calasices which are good!

+ dont follow the crowd, dont get stuck in that rut of just playing rhythm, dont follow the guitar all the time, listen to rex from panter his bass lines DONT always ollow thw guitar Good luck!!
Will I get callases on my left hand, right hand, or both? I already have them on my left from playing guitar. I like to be fairly creative anyway, so I'll probably NEVER follow the guitar, that'll probably make me a bad bassist! Hehe.
Yeah, you'll get callouses on your right hand too.
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If you cut down on these costs students won't learn so well, effecting the "quality"...