well the guitar was pretty good but ur voice showed NO emotion, say it with feeling. what my friend does is put the mic a little farther away and just goes crazy, he pretends like hes live and it always comes out great

EDIT: how do i get one of those websites? im assuming its free
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Thanks for listening.
My friend is really computer-literate and has a server of his own; he hosts my site.
You can also get a subdomain on something like GeoCities or your ISP's hosting, and get a free domain name from www.dot.tk.
Sweet job. Very nice recording quality. All too often I hear muddy guitar tones on this site.

Spot on playing, too. It's a pretty simple song, but still everything was perfectly in time and whatnot. Vocals aren't too bad either. Way better than I could ever hope to achieve

Crit for crit?
good guitar and other instruments, but the vocals made my eyes water.

vocals=suck....really bad
ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

As previously stated. Vocals are terrible. They sound like you're reading a boring book aloud. Other than that, everything else is great.
The guitar tracks are really great! But as all they said, your problem resides in vocals.
Just give some emotion to the lyrics and try to fit them as much as posible and you will see a big change (i'm not the most indicated to say this, but it's true ^^)

I would thank you if you could leave a comment in my Stand By Me, but i doubt it helps you for singing better because i'm also a disasterr :P

Keep practicing with vocals! ^^
Thats actually very good. May I ask what kind of mic you use and if record straight into system or record from amp?I use a Samson Q7 (dynamic, lawlz) for the "vocals" and record into the soundcard through my V-AMP 2.