Hey guys I'm looking for a solid state amp. I know that I want one between 20w-30w. I want a good clean channel. Distortion isn't as big of an issue because I'm planning to buy an pedal for that later on. I'd still like to have a decent distortion channel but it's not as important as the clean one. Clean stuff I play is kinda like Red Hot Chili Peppers and I like to go with an acoustic(ish) sound sometimes. I also want a reverb setting on the amp. For the amp my budget is about $200 but I'm willing to go up to $300 if I really have to.

While I'm at it, any advice on a pedal? With distortion, I mostly play classic rock with the ocassional metal.

Any advice or suggestions or basic knowledge on either amp or pedal would be greatly appreciated.
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vox ad30vt
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vox ad30vt

Seconded. Great amps. I love my 15 Watt version.
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vox ad30vt

thirded. You wont need a pedal for the classic rock with it. As far as a heavy pedal...theres tons out there. search musiciansfriend.com er something