Hey all I've recently started to learn Megadeth and I wanted to knwo if anyone knows the settings for the:

Also What position would u put the swich at and how high would u put the tone?
Last What songs would u suggest to learn of thiers. Thanks.
The easiest way to get their tone is to go high on the gain, low on the bass, highish on the treble and low on the mid.. but i like to boost the mids up to get a fuller sound. And keep the gain around 3/4 for the real thrashy sound.

Use the bridge pickup with the tone all the way up. And I'd symphony of destruction. its a pretty easy song save for the solo.
have a look in Tg magazine for reference... or do what i do, and fiddle with it untill it sounds good. i play loads of metal, i normally go for about a 7 on bass, 9 on mid and 10 or 11 on treble... if you have a line six, whack it on insane and put everything up to 11 ;-) erm.. the guitar doesnt matter to much, change it for the song... see if it suits... probably bridge pickup is best... its normally sharper and yeah.... hope thats been of some use.
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settings thread maybe?

Looked and found nothing. Thank u all but I'd still like other opinions so I can fiddle around with it all and find a good mix of them put together. I guess I should have put on my rig

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