Which hand got messed up, and what hand does he play with.

I thought he was rigt handed, but I just saw a id on youtube and he's playing left handed guitar...
He's left handed and he messed up his right hand by getting it stuck in some metal working machine. He made his own prostetics (?) by melting plastic to his fingers.
He picks with left, frets with right. You can see the plastic on his right hand middle finger in some pics.

I say he's left handed, i think it'd be hard to learn to play left handed if you're a righty.

Isn't guitar playing determined by which hand you pick with? Cause i fret with my left and when people ask me, i say i'm right handed.
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it's true
he's left handed, and lost the tips of his middle and ring finger on a press at his day job on his last day before they were supposed to go on their first tour. he was about to give up because he couldn't learn to play right handed soon enough. Then someone suggested that he listen to this guy that only played with two fingers, and decided he could do it too. His grandmother also suggested that he try some of her sewing thimbles(which he thought was rediculous at first). So he ended up using a thimble type prosthetic that he made. It was covered in leather to give it a more human sound. Thus the dark slightly muted sound of Black Sabbath. I read this in a magazine years ago, so the facts are a little twisted I am sure, but that's pretty close to the truth.
Yep he's a lefty.
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