My fretting hand hurts really bad. It keeps cramping up, and It hurts to fret a note. What should I do? Take a few days off (hopefully not)? stretch it? Whenever I squeeze anything, I get a sharp pain near my knuckles, especially on the ring and middle fingers. It kind of hurts when I type, but not as much. Thanks for any suggestions
You might have some minor Carpal Tunnel goin' on. I get that sometimes. The best thing to do is to take a break from the guitar from a day or two, and kind of exercise your hand a bit here and there. You know, just kind of stretch the muscles out a bit. Just don't do it extreme like, you'll mess your wrist up more. lol
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I've had that happen, sometimes when I'm playing lots of bar chords in one song, the palm of my hand starts to cramp. I just stop playing for the day. Next day it's usually fine.
ouch, that sucks, yeah just do light stretching, but dude you may be doing something, wrong, playing properly is not supposed to give you pain!

decribe your playing position if you want further help
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