Ok I bought a pack of D'Addrio strings after breaking a string in my Blue Steel set. IU put on the 6th-e string and it buzzed like CRAZY even when tightened. I kept tightening it and it still buzzed. I didn't know why and it eventually broke. So I went back to Dean Markley Alchemy strings I used before I used the DM Blue Steels. And now they are buzzing. I'm a novice and just learnign basic chords and I have successfully replaced about 4 pairs of strings without buzzing now every pair I buy are buzzing. Whats up? I need help. I don't think it's my neck because the guitar is always kept in it's case.

It's a Ibanez PF5 that I bought for $190, by the way. Any help will do!

Thank you guys for your time and help!
the string height must be off. go to your local guitar shop and have them take a look at your guitar, they should be able to fix it
It's the string height. There should be a screw on each side of your bridge. Turn it to the left this will raise the height. not too much though just enoung to stop the buzz. Do the 1st string next. make sure it doesn't buzz. Once neither of them buzz, the rest won't either. Then set your intonation. There are articles on UG that tell you how to do that. I haven't the time to explain, but you'll need a tuner.
ive had that problem a few times too

im not sure how i got rid of it but i think it had something to do with a string thouching another or the same string on the headstock touching itself *dont know how to explain*

but you dont have the same headstock as i have soo basicly i dont know how to help

The string may be hitting a fret as it vibrates. Fret a note on the first fret of the string that buzzes, then play it. If it still buzzes, go to the second fret. Still buzzing? Try on the 3rd, 4th, etc until it stops buzzing. Then you know it can't be any higher up than that fret.

So, look for a fret (That is, the metal bits that go across your fretboard) that maybe slightly higher, or that you can see the string hitting as you play it. File it down a LITTLE bit, then try again, repeat.

I of course, suggest you go to a guitar shop and get them to do it for you, as you could damage your guitar if you aren't careful.
Don't tell me what can not be done

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I love you all no matter what.
It's not the frets......Whenever I play each string on the first fret the buzzing stops. It has to be my head stock or something. No strings are touching though. I have noticed some of the tuning pegs are loose a bit. Like if you shake the guitar slightly you can hear them rattle.

This stinks because of gas prices the closest guitar shop is 45 minutes away.....so this mean I can't go until my paycheck NEXT week.