Ok like a dumbass i took all the strings off and cleaned it now i got them all back on and i cant get the bridge to stay where i want it to. ive read different instructions and **** but none of them i have read cover this...so please help i dont have $35 to get it done at the store...please explain it none of the links i have gotten have helped...and im panicing lol
when you put the new string on an tune up, it will go back to normal
oh wait...you already have them on....
well this happened to me the first time, i accidentally put too heavy of a guage string on there. what you want is size 9's.
or you can add more springs in the back of the guitar
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You can find step by step instructions to properly tuning your liscenced floyd rose/copy on this website.

In short:

Tune up... start with the low E and tune all the strings, and start over until all are tuned.

Look at your bridge. Is it leaning forward or backward? If it is leaning backwards, you need to open the large cavity on the back of the guitar and loosen the claw (the thing screwed into the body holding the springs). Loosen it just a bit, maybe a half a turn on the screws, and retune. See what it does to your bridge. If it is leaning forwards, do the same thing only tightning the screws.

Once all your strings are tuned and your bridge is parallel to the body of the guitar, lock your locking nut on your headstock, and check your tuning, and adjust with the fine tuners.
damm i got 9s (ernie ball super slinky) will i need to adjust the springs any? and if so where to? thanx alot guyz this is really stressing me out lol