I didn't learn chords at all.
I went straight to tabs.
I am familar with the fingering of most chords but can't name them althought.
I only know a blue scale.
I could clone the song hotel california well.
I am a 6 months old guitarist.

If I continue in this pathway, will I ever be a good guitarist ?(I don't want to be a clone)

I found something severely lacking in me. I don't know what is this feeling, maybe its my equiqment or my skills. I cant seem to express the "right" sound in my mind to my guitar. Even thought its still the same note, the sound was kind of different from what I want. I dont know how do I explain it.

Im using tokai telecaster and a passed down marshall mg 15cdr amp.
Yeah you should probably learn chords, more scales, and some theory but not bad for 6 months old. (I assume you meant 6 months of playing, right?)
I started out playing tabs, but then expanded into songs with chords because they helped me get better at being rhythm and vocals in a band.

Chords definitely are helpful, once you have the lyrics and the chords, most solos (as long as you aren't playing metal) will just flow naturally if you mess around enough.
Your equipment should be the least of your concerns right now, a good guitarist can make crappy equipment sound good, and vice versa buying better equipment wont make you a better guitar player. Why not take like 10 lessons and start with the basics it wont hurt you at all, ive never met a good guitar player who cant play chords.
At least learn your minors and majors, you can fill in the gaps as you go from there. Try buying a book of chords to help you out. Your only 6 months in, so no-one expects you to be carving up the fretboard anytime soon. Just remember that playing any instrument is a love/hate relationship, but keep on practicing and you'll be able play chords on site soon enough. Try learning the root penatonic scale as well, it's a beautiful beginners scale to start improvising in.