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I wanna get a thick/fat sound like, let's say... Santana. Besides the PRS he uses and the amp settings, what can I do to create that fat sound? Will a compressor help?

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Screw around with the EQ. I use plenty of bass and mids and drop down the treble when I play clean because I like for it to sound more full and less twangy. A compressor just makes things tighter. I don't think it would help but I've never fooled with a compressor enough to know for sure.
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like he said, pump the bass and mids and leave your treble pretty low.

bass 10
mid 8
treble 2-4 <--- theres my clean
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Ok. I definitely gotta mess up more with the Eq. Thanks!
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Hmm... You could also try rolling back your treble using your guitar's tone knob. The problem is, it's difficult to get warm, lively cleans out of a guitar with pickups made for thick distortion. You may even need to consider an EQ pedal to do what you want so you can really fine-tune your tone. This problem, of course, is compounded if you're using a brightly voiced or thinner sounding amp, which metal amps like the XXX, 5150, or Marshalls can be.
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dial off some of the tone on your pickup to get a much smoother sound without the bite of all the treble/mid frequency's