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I thought of lyrics today. They're pretty self explanitory, I'll post them if you want. I know there's a couple rough spots, and it isn't played all too cleanly, specially the solo. My voice is god awful as a fair warning. Any comments would be appreciated, and as always crit for crit. Just post a link.

Thanks guys.
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The guitar in this is beautiful dude...u can work on your voice but ive heard many worse...i like the overall structure of the song and that slide solo thing was pretty bitchin GOOD WORK
Hey dude, thanks for the crit on my stuff, just returning the favour.....

Loving your playing dude.....kinda reminds me of James Hetfields acoustic playing....really powerful. But occasionally, like in the vocal breaks, it even sounds a little jimmy page.....

Really liked your slide solo too.......acoustic slide isnt the easiest thing in the whole world, but you really pulled it off hombre.

Keep up the good work man
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