well, besides play it A LOT...im sure u could just strip the paint off in some parts, idk.
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yea, you can play it for like 15 or 20 years unless you want to take off all the electronics and just dont take care of it and leave it lying around, but your not gunna be able to get a real look
Stevie was a heavy strummer so that's why it's down to the raw wood above the pick guard. he would lay it on the stage and ride it like a surf board, slam the headstock off of walls(he once cracked the neck so bad it was almost unfixable)
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stick your guitar in a car sitting in the sun for a few hours....then take the guitar and throw it in a deep freeze.
strum with a coin
use some steel wool
drop it (not suggested with set necks, it may break the glue joint)
leave it in a window facing the sun all the time
stick the plastic parts in coffee
stick the metal parts in peroxide

....just a few suggestions
use a tea bag on the pick guard to yellow it, put shiny metal parts in drain cleaner to darken them, take a pressurized air can and shake it, then spray it upside down, and immediately hit the frozen spot with a hairdryer to crack the finish a bit. steel wool parts to scuff them, sand paper, ding it up with chains, etc.
You could try sand-blasting it. Obviously remove strings etc. Or Rub some lemon juice onto the bare wood and leave it in the sun to bleach it.
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umm just trash it like throw it around for a bit get the sander on it that sorta thing!
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stick your guitar in a car sitting in the sun for a few hours....then take the guitar and throw it in a deep freeze.

It's the other way around, bro.

This might help. Ya just gotta get creative and beat the hell out of it, within reason.

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Attach the body to the back of a car and drive down a bumpy road.
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fender takes files and bags of bolts, chains, and beat the bodies for dentsand paint chips.

so yea. . .
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just beat the crap out of it with any available tools
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Look in it's teeth.

Well, lame joke time over, I think there were a few threads with things like that in here a while ago.
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the srvguitar.com link is amazing.

use that, im buying a sunburst squier just to do that