i can't get my guitar into tune... dont know what happend...
i got a electric tuner... yestarday my guitar was fine.. but tody i grabbed
and started playing an it was out of tune i tryed to tune it but i cant get the
3rd and 2nd.. the guitar tuner says that those strings are in tune.. but it dosent sound very well.... any help????????? XD
hit a harmonic at your 12th fret and check your tuner and see if its in tune. open E and 12fret E etc. if your 12th fret is off and your open is right, then your intonation is off. then have fun playing with your bridge.
p.s. dont see this as trouble, the more problem you overcome the more you going to learn.
oh and if you mean that your open strings doesnt sound right and it register correct on your tuner, most likely your tuner is done deal.

sorry for double post
Ok, so your guitar has a strat-style bridge. What you do, using your tuner, is see if a 12th fret harmonic is the same pitch as a note fretted on the 12th fret. If not, you need to change the length of your string by adjusting the screws on the back of the bridge. Make your adjustment, retune it, then try again. If it gets worse, move the saddle in the opposite direction. Most of the time with middle strings, in my experience, they need to be made a bit longer.
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