Ok here is my situation:

I have an epiphone dot and well ive grown out of it. i love the tone , but the feel jsut isnt right. so i've decided to move on and look for something more comfortable that still has the sound i want. Well my friend is selling his epiphone les paul classic. Hes offering it to me for 400. The thing with it is, its been customized. Like he took out the pickup switch because he never used the neck pickup. thats fine i guess i can put that back in, but the guitar cuts in and out so im guessing some resaudering is needed. but he put in a seymour duncan distortion and well it buzzes.so well with the 400 i know im going to need to get the guitar completely rewired and i dont know how much it will cost. it only has a few knicks one on the neck and a few on body but those dont bother me. other than that its been perfectly set up and adjusted etc.

Is this worth it? haha and its 400 canadian. Also well this i looking to replace my epiphone dot..not upgrade from it so thats it.

Any help is awsome =D
I think the guitar is more messed up than "upgraded"... its your call though...
What's your style of music?

What amp do you have?

With the details you've given me, I'd keep the Dot. Its a great guitar and you're basically downgrading if you get the LP.
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well ive tried it already through the amp, its got a similair tone, more of a solid body one though (duh) i like it its just that the pickup wasnt installed right because he did it himself. so it buzzes, that and it cuts in and out which is just the soldering on the jack or to the others. im just saying is a used les paul classic with those features worth 400 plus the little amount probably for the work done to rewire?
He's trying to scam you. I wouldn't pay 400$ cdn for a used EpiLP, let alone one that retarded. Your "friend" sounds like he's trying to scam you.

Do yourself a favour. Research some of the styles of guitars you like, find out which guitars best fit the genres of music you enjoy/play, then come back and ask again which guitar you should get.
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you can get new epi LP from long and mcquade for $500. your friends aint work $400 imo
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Well does his guitar feel and sound like you want it to?

And look on eBay, see how much that same model goes for used in perfect condition.
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Id leave it and go for something which hasn't been tampered with.
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